Owned by First Natural Brands Ltd, Tisserand Aromatherapy’s therapeutic products are formulated to cover sleep, stress, and other daily emotional challenges.

With +40% sales growth in 2018, the multi award-winning British brand sources and blends quality essential oils to create ranges of affordable and convenient natural wellbeing products.

Used by professional therapists and available at retailers such as Boots, Waitrose, Planet Organic and Whole Foods, Tisserand has seen sales increase to over £6million in 2018, with projected sales showing continued growth under the leadership of CEO and Chairman Robin Russell.  

The total wellbeing market in the UK is booming, with estimated sales of £12.4 billion in 2018, and a predicted growth of +20% per year. According to the 2017 McKinsey report, the worldwide sleep-health industry is worth an estimated $30-$40 billion, historically growing at 8% with few signs of slowing. 


It was Robert Tisserand’s mother who first introduced him to aromatherapy, leading to a passion for the subject that continues to this day.

At the age of 17, on a train taking him back to boarding school, Robert decided that he wanted to share the benefits of essential oils with others, to improve their health and happiness. His vision was to bring essential oil based products into everyone’s home.

After years of studying and practising as an aromatherapist, Robert started the Aromatic Oil Company in 1974, from his bedroom in a South London house. During the next 11 years, despite financial struggle and discouragement from others, Robert hand-bottled the oils, hand-wrote the label for each bottle and packed the parcels that he would despatch to customers every Saturday morning from his local post office.

Having taken eight years to write it, Robert’s first book – The Art of Aromatherapy – was published in 1977. In his book, Robert talks about nature, life force, the planets and the elements.

It was in 1984 that a new company, Aromatherapy Products Ltd, was formed, allowing Robert to act as essential oil and formulations consultant, fully utilising his years of experience.


Experts in sourcing 100% natural, pure essential oils since 1974, our company today brings together a unique team of UK based experts, who source, blend and procure the finest quality essential oils from our offices in West Sussex, at the foot of the South Downs. Our aim is to help improve everyone’s health, wellbeing and lifestyles through the art of aromatherapy.


Our philosophy is as simple today as it was in 1974…

  • To work hard to source the best 100% natural pure essential oils of uncompromising quality.
  • To share our heritage, knowledge and expertise in blending to create products you can trust.
  • To offer a range of innovative products that provide a holistic approach to wellbeing and beauty.
  • To modernise aromatherapy making it accessible to everyone to help enhance wellbeing, health and lifestyles.

TSN are investors in Tisserand, developing our relationship and further growing the business on a global scale.

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